Terms & Conditions

All of our staff respects the client’s privacy & agree to the Agency’s Code of Practice. If clients approach our staff to work privately, an Agency placement fee including GST applies. This fee applies to staff still working with the agency or for a period of at least 1 year after leaving or cancellation of our service.


Our fee applies to any form of employment resulted from the agencies introduction.

Employers responsilities are regulated by the government in the areas of:

a. Taxation: 13 28 61

Salary from $113.00 per week

b. Superannuation Info Line: 13 10 20

Salary exceeds $450.00 per month or 30 hrs per week

c. Victorian Work Cover Authority: 9641 1555

Salary exceeding $7500.00 per annum

d. Wage Line: 1300 363 264



Agency Placement Fees

Administration Fee $55.00 non refundable deducted from PLACEMENT FEE. Includes consultation with both Parents & Children.

We have a 2 week trial period where either party may terminate amicably

A daily booking fee applies

Upon employment of nanny, a placement fee is invoiced which includes GST less any daily booking fees already paid.

Casual Placement

Fee for placement less than 30 hours per week $1000.00 incl. G.S.T.



Permanent placement

Fee for placement 30 to 40 hours per week 6% of annual gross Income plus G.S.T. either type of placement fee is due within 14 days by either cheque/credit plus any card fees.



We Guarantee

A placement for three months or we replace the nanny, where the agency is responsible.

Our philosophy is to match children/carers/parents. Find out more

All our staff are – Insured, Reliable, Honest and Trustworthy with: Police Checks, First Aid Certificates, References & Qualifications thoroughly cheched and vetted. All our applicants are mature with average age being 25 – 55. All have cars and most have mobiles.